Stainless Steel Fabricated Blast Gates

Stainless steel fabricated gates are constructed with 12 ga. 304 stainless steel body and slide blade. Bolt together body allows dissassembly for cleaning. Welded collars are standard, angle ring flanges are available. 316 stainless steel is also available (see .pdf Spec Sheet for pricing).
Stainless Steel Fabricated Blast Gate
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.pdf Spec Sheet
SizePart #PriceDetails
2.00"BGSS02C304$163.80304 SS Collars
3.00"BGSS03C304$165.65304 SS Collars
4.00"BGSS04C304$178.32304 SS Collars
5.00"BGSS05C304$186.74304 SS Collars
6.00"BGSS06C304$186.74304 SS Collars
7.00"BGSS07C304$238.32304 SS Collars
8.00"BGSS08C304$253.85304 SS Collars
9.00"BGSS09C304$270.65304 SS Collars
10.00"BGSS10C304$336.38304 SS Collars
12.00"BGSS12C304$456.53304 SS Collars
14.00"BGSS14C304$547.87304 SS Collars
16.00"BGSS16C304$817.99304 SS Collars
18.00"BGSS18C304$875.98304 SS Collars