To Our Valued Customers:

To protect the health and safety of our employees, customers, and business partners, our showroom is temporarily closed to the public. We continue to provide customer service via telephone during the reduced hours of 8AM to 4PM Monday through Thursday, and 8AM to Noon on Fridays. As a supplier to Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Clean Air Solution providers, Food Service vendors, and many other essential industries, we will remain operational to help provide an uninterrupted supply chain to these critical infrastructure businesses. Our production, custom shop, and shipping staff have been reduced to a minimum of widely spaced people, but we continue to ship daily, and stand ready to assist you during the current crisis.

The Blastgate Co.

Pneumatic Cast Aluminum Full Blast Gates

Our air-operated gates are fully automatic using an air cylinder that has power in both directions. Instant open/close. 35 lb. load capacity at 80/90 psi., 1/4 in. NPT ports. No lubrication required air cylinder is standard. Sizes from 2 to 7" use 1 pneumatic cylinder, 8" and up use 2 cylinders.

Single Cylinder

Pneumatic Cast Aluminum Full Blast Gates
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.pdf Spec Sheet

Double Cylinder 'Compact Series'

Pneumatic Cast Aluminum Full Blast Gates
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.pdf Spec Sheet
SizePart #PriceDetails
2.00"BGPN02$382.20Aluminum Body
3.00"BGPN03$385.79Aluminum Body
4.00"BGPN04$387.75Aluminum Body
5.00"BGPN05$392.79Aluminum Body
6.00"BGPN06$396.53Aluminum Body
7.00"BGPN07$403.06Aluminum Body
SizePart #PriceDetails
8.00"BGPN08$456.36Aluminum Body
9.00"BGPN09$501.20Aluminum Body
10.00"BGPN10$548.15Aluminum Body
12.00"BGPN12$569.05Aluminum Body
14.00"BGPN14$689.93Aluminum Body
16.00"BGPN16$802.99Aluminum Body
18.00"BGPN18$918.61Aluminum Body
20.00"BGPN20$994.31Aluminum Body
22.00"BGPN22$1009.76Aluminum Body
24.00"BGPN24$1170.54Aluminum Body